Thursday, 10 May 2012

My workspace is in a corner of our backroom, some of the pictures are on a tidy day and some a messy day!!  The room is lovely and light and my space is full of books, funny objects and other artists work I love.  

I have two cats Elvis and Dolly but Dolly is the one who keeps me company throughout the day

My supplies!

Cheeky Dollycat licking the window next to me, to tell me to let her in!


  1. much nicer work place than my horrible dark spare room! - and you have a cat that keeps you company!! *jealous*

  2. Enjoy seeing your work place with your lovely Dolly! Mine is in our tiny guest room where I only have half of the space. It is good for now,but I will need more space to put my arts in the future. ^_____^