Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I was very excited to receive copies of  'Fashion World' this morning!
Published by Buster Books an imprint of Michael O' Mara.
I was pleased to take part in this project last year alongside other Illustrators -
Ann Kronheimer, Robyn Neild, Julie Ingham, Georgie Fearns and Jennie Poh
Lovely to now see it in print!


  1. omygod!
    your work is incredible!!!
    it's just... i think i am speechless :))
    congrats for the beautiful work ♥

  2. Rachel, thank you bunches for ur lovely comment about Hansel & Gretel! Hope ur having fun with ur amazing cards-stunning work! :)

  3. Illustration poetry - Thankyou so much for your kind words! :))

  4. Antoana, your Hansel and Gretel is really lovely! The cards are going well thanks, a really fun project, very busy, there are 78 to do! :-)