Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A proud member of the exclusive Mug and Magnet club.

'Moose and Mouse' by Colin West

Colin ran a fun competition on twitter to doodle his 'Moose and Mouse' characters,
3 of us couldn't resist joining in.

by me

by Harry

and the wonderful prize, a fridge magnet designed by Hannah Marks

Thankyou Colin!


  1. Hey, thanks Rachel! It was nice that you all joined in. Don't tell Harry, but I sent off his very own fridge magnet this morning! I love how he's drawn Mouse in Moose's antler! And a pleasure to be in the company of a Nicola Bayley fridge magnet!

  2. Ah thanks Colin, Harry will be chuffed! He originally drew mouse laid hidden flat under the map but I like him in his antler too ;)