Thursday, 9 May 2013

Olive and the Bad Mood by Tor Freeman

Published by Brubaker, Ford & Friends an Imprint of Templar

I came home today to the most wonderful surprise parcel from The lovely Book Sniffer!

 Olive and the Bad Mood is beyond brilliant!

Olive trips then loses a button on her dungarees and the bad mood begins..

Along the way Olive is rude to her friends which in turn passes the bad mood on.

Until she comes across her favourite thing, a sweet shop, which instantly saves the day! 

This is truly a brilliantly funny book, I love Olive's character, especially the way she slouches,
getting more and more slouchy as her mood lowers, reminds me of Kevin the teenager.
Tor's illustrations are charming, very funny and feel comfortable, her work sits so well against white space.
The book also includes two of my favourite things dungarees and my number one favourite sweets,
 guaranteed to cheer anyone up!
Olive and the Bad Mood is hilarious and creative, definitely a special book.

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