Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Here's a sneaky peek of the cover artwork for 'National Velvet" that I worked on for Egmont last year.
So excited to find it's now available for pre order online, although not published until October 1st 2012

Available to pre order online here

                                                              Bookseller Description

This is a beautifully bound gift edition of this classic tale of a girl and her horse. Velvet Brown is a 14 year old girl living in small coastal village in the 1920s. She dreams of owning and training horses one day. When she and her friend Mi see a piebald horse jump a five foot fence, they decide to follow Velvet's dream to ride in the Grand National. But will Velvet be allowed to ride in the race? And can The Pie really win the most prestigious prize in all of steeplechasing? A horse-racing classic, "National Velvet" has entertained generations of horse lovers with dreams of riding in races themselves.

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  1. Oh Rachel..you do such beautiful beautiful work. It's a joy to discover your wonderful illustrations!